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Types of Members

There are two types of members joining ApnaMatch.com. Guest Members and Deluxe Members.

Guest Members

You become an online Guest Member and your profile appears on ApnaMatch.com without paying a penny as it's FREE to:
  1. Register and become an online member
  2. Create your own profile and modify it when you wish
  3. Reply to contacts made by Deluxe Members
  4. Unlimited search of other members profiles
  5. Upload your photos, or remove your photos when you wish
Members' profiles shall be seen by a large number of viewers on ApnaMatch.com, and those who are Deluxe Members may contact them by passing their details and messages to take the matter further. Guest Members can, therefore, reply to the contact messages sent by Deluxe Members, discuss, meet and get married or become friends for dating with compatible people without any charge.

Deluxe Members

Upgrade to a Deluxe member and enjoy many additional benefits. You'll need to pay the appropriate Fee to upgrade. In addition to all the features of Guest Membership, you enjoy these additional benefits:

(1) You can initiate communication with matching profiles by sending and receiving Smile and Contact Messages with the click of a button. You do not have to wait for others to contact you first as in the case of Guest Members. Contact the profiles you like the look of and get the conversation going.

(2) You can Save Searches so that you don't have to enter search criteria each time you visit ApnaMatch.com. Go to the Saved Search page and choose a saved search to run.

(3) You receive regular (daily/weekly) Auto Match emails of matching members based on a specified Saved Search. These convenience emails will save you time in searching for matching profiles. The news goes to you rather than you visiting ApnaMatch.com on ad hoc intervals. This is really valuable

When registered as either a Guest or Deluxe member you are agreeing to be bound by the Terms and Conditions and your profile appears on the site assuming these have been created by you and are in compliance of the Terms and Conditions.


You need to give two sets of information when registering:
  1. User's Account and Identifiable Data (private, for office use only)
  2. Profile Data (for public, which is viewable on the Internet)
Information such as your name, address, phone number and email address in (i) above is for our records only. This identifiable data will not appear on the website and shall not be accessible to members or visitors. Information in (ii) above concerns your general particulars which cannot be linked to a particular person such as your age, height, qualifications, occupation, location, appearance, etc. This information in your profile will be seen by a large number of people online, who may contact you to take the matter forward.

Complete the registration fields accurately to the best of your ability. Fill in all the information, as an incomplete profile may not give a full picture of you and your interests. If you have not completed the form in full, chances are you may not be contacted by some members.

Creating Your Profile: Your profile allows others to find out about you. It is important that you create it in a nice comprehensive way so that others get as much information about you as possible. It's quick and easy to create by completing the Registration and Edit pages.
  1. Begin by describing about yourself, including your personality, appearance and best features. You may mention about your interests and hobbies, clothing style, how you pass your spare time, particularly the weekends, etc.
  2. Describe your other details such as your body size and appearance, your likes and mention what you expect from the other partner. Your attitude should be positive and cooperative, and not dominating or bossy.
    1. Be honest about your age. There is no need to be defensive or dishonest. If you lie once and they find out later, they may doubt the correctness of your other details also. Their confidence in you shall collapse.
    2. Use a good photo. Submit a quality current photo, if you are going to place one in your profile.
    3. Describe yourself decently and well. Answer questions honestly about your height, religion, caste, educational qualifications, occupation, hobbies, etc.
    4. Show your positive nature. Think positive and write in an upbeat style.
    5. Be brief and clear. Make your sentences and paragraphs concise. Make your interests and desires obvious and to the point.
    6. Avoid spelling mistakes. Common typing errors like 'form' instead of 'from' should be avoided.


Profiles with photos have proven to be more effective in attracting wider responses than without photos. More contacts made by other members with you will make your task easier in finding your partner. Please edit your profile and add a photo of yourself. Members that have added at least 1 photo have seen an improvement in the number of responses they receive. It's what separates you from all those other profiles without a photo. After all seeing a face is more helpful than reading a profile name when deciding to make contact with someone for the first time.

Educational Qualifications and Occupation

A highly qualified professional person will naturally like to look for a partner who is also highly educated and well employed. It is important you describe your qualifications and occupation in detail. However, some high flying persons may like to see other aspects instead, like other persons' pleasing appearance and attractive personality combined with good family background and a steady job.

Interests and hobbies

These should be of similar nature between two persons as husband and wife. If your hobbies and interests are of conflicting nature, arguments may arise. But many Asian persons may not have interests and hobbies in the strict sense by which to go, as they believe that when two of them sit and decide where to spend their holidays and what urgencies are there for home work, they create their interests according to the situations facing them. And they are always happy, planning their hobbies as they carry on with their every day activities. The most important thing is that the two should be cooperative, respect and love each other and go forward together as the situations arise.


Civilisations have survived or disappeared, depending on whether family life was strong or weak. This remains as true today as it was when primitive ancestors entered into the first formal pact to guarantee companionship for each other and security and a home for their children. Marriage is the sharing of everything, someone to be close to, to confide in, to reveal oneself, without fear, to be trustworthy in dealings and secrets of life. Love between husband and wife is the sharing of joys and sorrows, accomplishments and failures, and to set the common goals and reach them together. Of all communal possessions, these should be shared between a husband and wife. The words used should be 'we' and 'our', not 'I', 'you' or 'mine' and 'your'.

Smile Message

This is a way of getting other members to have a look at your profile. As a Deluxe Member, when you click on this link on other member's profile, it sends a short message to them with a link to your profile. If they like your profile and show interest in it, they can contact you.

Initiate contacts

Begin by communicating online. Be precise and discrete in your messages. When you have liked someone's profile and you think their particulars suit you, contact them making use of the Smile or Message features on ApnaMatch.com in their profiles or setup email address without your name. This is the stage you'll want to find out more about them either through the contacts section of ApnaMatch.com or an email address ideally created without user's details, questioning and reasoning in a polite manner. Leave aside ones you think are not worth contacting further. Till this stage, they do not know your personal identity if you have followed our instructions. Do not be pressurised into arranging a meeting till you are quite happy and have gained confidence in them. A chat on telephone, ID withheld, may be worthwhile before you decide to meet. It will give you an idea about their communication skills and the manner in which they talk.

New members keep on joining regularly, and you may have ample opportunity in selecting the right one from the crowd of compatible people that you will come across. You as a Deluxe Member shall also be getting weekly Auto Matching email listings of persons who match your details and requirements. It is quite possible though, as has happened very often, that the first person you may contact and later met may be so appealing and given you so much confidence that you don't feel it necessary to contact and see anyone else. You will have thus found your life partner quickly and easily through ApnaMatch.com.

Auto Matchmaking

This is a free weekly email delivered to your email address featuring new members who have recently joined and match your search criteria based on age, height, location, etc. This is a convenient feature that will give you compatible matches saving you time and effort. Simply specify your MatchMaker criteria as a normal search and save it to use this facility. You must be Deluxe Member to receive Auto Matchmaking.

Suspension and Profile Termination

You may wish to discontinue receiving further services from our site, may be you have found someone or for some other reason. Once logged on go to the Manage Profile Status link. You can suspend your profile which means your profile is still there but it won't be displayed to viewers. Your profile will be hidden until you reactivate it or your membership period runs out. During suspension your membership period is still elapsing just as it would if you didn't suspend your account.

On the Manage Profile Status page you can also terminate your account with ApnaMatch.com. If you choose this option your account is permanently removed and cannot be restored. If you want further services from ApnaMatch.com you will need to re-register and pay the appropriate fee if you choose a Deluxe Membership, just as a new member would.

Password and Security

You will receive Password and Account designation upon completing the registration process. You should keep them safe and secret, only for your use, as you shall be responsible for all activities that occur under your password.

What if you forget your Password

After a few security checks, we will provide the password to you.

Add Profiles To Browser Favourites

You can keep track of profiles you are interested in by our book marking features. It works like your web browser's favourites and is an easy way to search more efficiently.

Block a Member

You can easily and discretely block contact messages and smiles from specific members who have not appealed to you. Just go to your contact section and click on Block to stop that person from sending you smiles or messages through ApnaMatch.com.

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